Developing smart and innovative solutions since 2004, we bring a new, different concept of problem solving and solution development to our clients

Web Development

Promote your company, provide services on the Internet and increase interactivity with your customers. Learn about Idealizza's custom solutions for web development.


Software Development

Create web software in accordance with your specific needs. Design, implement and evolve tools created exclusively for you and your business.

Thinkr - Education Platform

Over a 100.000 students have already consumed some kind of content through Idealizza's distance learning platform. Do like education companies in Brazil and make your courses available on the internet.

E-commerce for delivery Restaurants

Offer dishes on your own website, receive online payments from your clients the moment they make the order and worry only about making the food and delivering.

E-commerce only

By aligning our experience in web sales for products and services with our capacity of developing custom solutions for your business, we can make you a platform to sell anything you want on the internet.

Systems Development

Analyzing the needs of each client, Idealizza develops solutions that facilitate the management of their company. Discover right now the benefits that technology can bring to the growth of your business.

Innovation + Technology

Factory of Ideas

The name Idealizza comes from the possibility of using technology to transform your ideas into reality, and we do not limitate ourselves to fulfill our mission by only making software, we also help innovative people to build their own companies!


One of the first art selling platforms in the world, TeeNOW connects illustrators from over 50 countries to consumers who wish to purchase their art without having to worry if the artist is getting paid, in form of exclusive products fabricated and made available only at TeeNOW.

Eleitorando (archived)

The project was launched in 2010 and featured in one of the largest telecommunication networks in Brazil . By aligning sentiment analysis with social media, Eleitorando had the proposal to connect politician candidates to their electors' demands in real time.

Central de Atas (archived)

Launched in 2011, Central de Atas had the mission to connect enterprises which possessed price record manifestos (Brazilian government purchasing mechanism) to their specific related government parts, allowing them to purchase with more celerity and less bureaucracy.

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